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WS1616 Expansion Modules

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The WS Series Expansion Modules provide additional input and/or output points for the WS1616 Stand Alone Controller.  Up to 40 expansion points can be added to the WS1616 in any combination of expansion modules.  The input points on the expansion modules provide functionality identical to those onboard the WS1616.  Output points have a 20mA drive capability.


  • increase the WS1616 SAC's point count with modules of 8 or 16 universal inputs, 8 or 16 universal outputs or 8 digital outputs
  • up to 40 expansion points may be added in any combination of modules


  • LED status indicators (WSOP8/OP16)
  • hand/off/auto switches (WSOP8/OP16)
  • power LEDs (WSIP8/IP16/OP8/OP16)
  • on/off toggles (WSIP8/IP16/OP8/OP16)
  • protective fuses (WSIP8/IP16/OP8/OP16)

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