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Stand Alone Controller

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The WS1616 is a high speed modular controller ideal for the control of major mechanical and electrical equipment.  This SAC can be used as a fully functional single-panel system, or integrated into a large system as a supervisory controller with complete programming and diagnostic capabilities.

WS1616 is expandable to a maximum of 72 input/output points; enough for most high point density areas or complete single panel systems.

Full remote monitoring and control is facilitated by automatic alarm dial-out and manual operator dial-in capabilities.

  • high point density areas (up to 72 input or output points in various combinations)
  • mechanical/electrical equipment control
  • fully functional single-panel systems
  • remote monitoring & control applications



  • 16 Universal inputs
  • 16 Universal outputs
  • expandable to 72 I/O points
  • isolated switching power supply
  • standard onboard realtime clock
  • LED output status indicators
  • hand/off/auto output switches
  • Rx/Tx/diagnostic/power supply LEDs
  • SuperCap battery backup
  • watchdog timer


  • menu-driven operator interface
  • multilevel password security
  • English language programming
  • global system access
  • system-wide programming
  • system-wide diagnostics
  • fixed-function (canned) programs

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