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SmartLAN is a shielded RS-485 communication bus that links all SACs and Nodes in a Walker Controls™ installation.  True peer protocol and interrupt-based token passing ensure immediate response to urgent operator requests and critical alarms.  SmartLAN is optimized for realtime process control, providing the speed and efficiency required for large energy management applications.

The SmartLAN protocol provides performance and throughput at low baud rates equivalent or superior to standard LANs operating at much higher speeds.

  • SmartLAN is interrupt driven for instant access to critical alarms and urgent operator requests.
  • Prioritized Packet Transmission allows operators to assign priority levels to network data, making any sequence of operations fully programmable.
  • SmartLAN provides seamless information transfer between main and local data highway sections.
  • Several classes of highway points are provided to reduce network overhead and optimize communications by eliminating redundant data transfer.  The system programmer controls how data transfer is prioritized and when it will occur, based on schedules or system events.
  • Hyper Points are special points built to contain critical information.   These points travel through the system with the priority of an alarm, providing response within 3 seconds in any size system.
  • Communication buffers in the Node Controller, together with SmartLAN's data handling capabilities, provide the high data throughput required on the toughest job specifications.


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