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Roomstat 3X Series
Room Sensor

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The Roomstat 3X series of room sensors combine high accuracy temperature sensors with global system access for any operator with a portable computer.  Full graphic system access is available when a terminal running Connect-500 front-end software is connected.

The six Roomstat 3X models offer combinations of setpoint adjust, temperature sensing and LED override indication, display of time and LCD display.


  • room temperature sensing
  • setpoint adjust
  • LED override indication
  • global operator system access
  • connect to any SAC
  • LCD display of time, setpoint, temperature



  • RJ45 connection to MicroSACs
  • RJ45 connection to STAT or terminal
  • 9600 bps terminal connection to MicroSAC


  • 3k thermistor
  • 0.2C accuracy (0.36F accuracy)


  • 3 mA provided by attached SAC


  • 8 pin flat telejack

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