Click on "Download Orders" above to list your orders

Retrieving your orders involves four steps. You will be guided through each step. You can stop in the middle of the process if necessary, and return and repeat any of the steps until you have deleted the order log file.

  • PREPARE: Renames the highlighted order log file. Any orders placed after this point will generate a new order log file.
    • 1. Transfers the renamed order log to the path that you specify. Make sure this area is not viewable by other parties.
    • 2. Requests your pass phrase for decryption and the order directory where the order log file should be written.
    • 3. Decrypts the orders based on a valid pass phrase; and places the decrypted order log in the specified directory.
  • DELETE: Deletes the selected order log file once you have confirmed a successful download. It is important to delete order files after download to keep your order directory from becoming cluttered with old order log files.
  • CONFIRM: Confirms that the order log file selected is the correct one to delete.