Before you Begin

Ensure your store information is already planned out before you begin. You will find the following information helpful in your planning:

For security purposes, Mercantec SoftCart Start-Up™ allows you approximately 60 minutes to complete each step. This is so that no one can alter your store information if you leave your computer while you are in the middle of setting up your store. Saving your changes periodically will avoid you having to log in again.

Please Note:
Due to export restrictions on encryption software, Mercantec is required to deliver the client software to a valid US or Canadian address.

It  takes approximately five days to receive the PGP client software from Mercantec once you register this product.  You can enter all of your store and product information prior to installing the PGP client software and save the changes, but you will not be able to generate your store until this software is installed. Once you install the PGP client software, use Edit Store to complete generation of your store.