Store Information and Logo

The store information that you enter here, i.e. name, address, e-mail, fax, and your store logo, will appear on every page of your store. The fields in blue indicate that it is a required field.

To insert a logo for your store, select a .gif or .jpg type file from your server. These are the standard type graphic files used on the Internet and will look the best on your pages. A logo is not required for your store infomation. Click the Browse button to browse for a graphic, and click Open to upload it. The logo will not appear in the View Graphic field until you proceed to the next page in SoftCart Start-Up™ by clicking Save, when the changes are saved.

To view the logo in the browser before saving your changes, click View Graphic.

To remove the store logo, click the Remove check box.  The graphic will not be removed until you click the Save button to save the changes.

To insert a different logo, click the Browse button and select the graphic from your server you want displayed. Then click Open to upload the graphic from your server. Click Save to save the changes.