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Stand Alone Controllers

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The MicroSACs are adapted for terminal equipment controls, such as variable air volume (VAV) systems, reheat, radiation and unitary applications, yet they are fully programmable.  As such, these devices can also be applied to low point density areas within any control strategy.

Factory assembled VAV configurations are available for use as complete airflow stations (MicroSAC-20K and 21K).  Options include damper motors and expander boards, all installed in a shielded metal enclosure suitable for direct mounting to ductwork.



  • low point density areas (4 inputs and up to 12 outputs in various combinations)
  • Airflow station VAV control
  • Fixed-function unitary control



  • 4 Universal inputs (all models)
  • 4 Digital Triac outputs (20K)
  • 4 Digital Triac & 1 analog output (21K)
  • 2 Analog outputs, 4 digital outputs or 8 digital outputs can be added to each
  • Isolated switching power-supply
  • Watchdog timer
  • FLASH memory
  • Communication LEDs
  • 8 bit A/D and DAC


  • Menu-driven operator interface
  • Eultilevel password security
  • English language programming
  • Global system access
  • Fixed-function VAV routines

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