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I/O Expansion Network

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I/O Bus is a communication bus that uses Walker ASCII protocol to link a SAC with I/O Bus expansion modules.  The communication link is a master/slave system.   I/O Bus modules can provide the SAC with many different I/O configurations of inputs, analog outputs, or Triac digital outputs.  The modules are linked with I/O Bus communication lines that can also double as the power supply lines.

The allowable number of I/O modules added to a panel is dependent on the type of I/O modules and controller selected (typical applications:  32 I/O modules per WS1616, 24 I/O Bus modules per MicroSAC/MiniSAC).

Take advantage of the I/O Bus features to decrease the total installed cost for most applications.  Use I/O Bus and its modules to do the following:

  • Reduce Hardware Costs
  • Reduce Wiring Costs
  • Reduce Installation Costs
  • Reduce Engineering Time
  • Easy expansion
  • increase the power and point capacity of all SAC panels.
  • Maximize Walker Controls™ flexibility and accessories while maintaining the industries most simplistic architecture.
  • I/O Bus is a master/slave system that uses Walker ASCII protocol for communicating between expansion modules and a SAC
  • I/O Bus provides seamless information transfer between I/O Bus expansion modules and a SAC.
  • The type of SAC and I/O Bus devices installed determines the total number of devices allowed per I/O Bus.
  • The Communication link and power for the low power I/O modules are multiplexed together and sent over a single shielded twisted pair cable.


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