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Power Supply/Real Time Clock Module

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The Power Supply Module will supply power and provide the communication link for other I/O Bus modules.  Expand the capabilities of a SAC with up to sixteen I/O Bus modules of each type.  The type of SAC and I/O Bus modules installed determines the total number of modules allowed per I/O Bus.  The I/O Bus Power Supply is capable of supplying 20 units of power to the I/O Bus Modules.

The I/O Bus Clock Module option will provide a real time clock for MicroSAC installations.  The module updates the MicroSAC with an accurate time every minute.

The Power Supply module is designed to mount on an expander backplate, a MicroSAC backplate or in a MicroBox.

  • provides MicroSAC with real time clock



  • plug and play
  • PIC controller (for communication & clock)
  • Accurate to 5 minutes per year
  • LED status indicator
  • SuperCap Battery Backup (72hr)


  • 9600 bps
  • communication multiplexed with power
  • uses Walker ASCII Protocol


  • directly to IOB-PS


  • mounts on top of IOB-PS

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