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Browser Based Front-End Software

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  • Full system supervisory capabilities
  • Historical trends and graphs
  • Building-specific graphic displays
  • Global system access from any connected controller and room sensor

Functionality Highlights

  • Adds the power of Internet/Intranet/Extranet connectivity to your building
  • Digital image backdrops from camera, engineering CAD drawings and scanned images
  • Platform and machine independence
  • Real time dynamic values superimposed over graphic images
  • Graphical Database creation/restore
  • Completely compatible with Microsoft Excel and other third party software packages, streamlining report generation and data management
  • Maximizes operator efficiency with state of the art visual control and user friendly animation
  • Full multi-tasking
  • On-line Internet access to the documentation and technical support
  • Alarm dial out to remote site either over conventional modem or across the internet
  • Communicates with Walker Systems DDC system over any TCP/IP Network



Connect-2000 provides all the features of DOS based Connect-500, packaged in a Web browser front-end.  Programmed in Java, it is platform and operating system independent.  It supports a wide range of graphic formats including digital camera images and is compatible with third party software packages.   Connect-2000 makes Walker Systems products Internet compliant providing you with access to on-line documentation, a technical support database, product specification and installation / maintenance guides on the Walker Systems Web Site.

This newly developed graphical interface allows operators to "surf" a building as they would surf the Internet.  Operators navigate through intuitive menus to monitor or control environment parameters locally, from across town, or from across the globe.

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