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The MiniSAC-60 is a full function mid-sized process controller.  It is suited for those applications that are too large for the smaller MicroSACs, yet do not require the high point count and supervisory capabilities of the WS1616.

The MiniSAC has an onboard realtime clock for critical control applications.  The 8 input and 12 output point count make this panel ideal for the control of mid-sized heating and cooling components, such as chillers, boilers and packaged air-conditioning units.

MiniSAC-60 is applicable to any job that is served by its point count and configuration.

  • medium point density areas (up to 8 inputs, 8 digital outputs and 4 Universal outputs)
  • packaged rooftop unit control
  • fixed-function unitary control



  • 8 Universal inputs
  • 8 digital Triac outputs & 4 Universal outputs
  • switching power supply
  • standard realtime IC clock
  • LED output status indicators
  • watchdog timer
  • 12 bit A/D converter
  • communication LEDs
  • SuperCap battery backup


  • menu-driven operator interface
  • multilevel password security
  • English language programming
  • global system access
  • fixed-function programs:
    • night cycle and purge
    • peak demand limiting
    • scheduled & optimum start/stop
    • enthalpy control

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